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Why Insulate a Facility?


  • Prevent -Pipe Corrosion (Preventing Condensation on  Pipes and Metal Surfaces extend usage of the system - object)
  • Prevent -Pipe Freezing ( When water freezes, it expands , and this expansion can cause failure of a pipe system)
  • Prevent -Injuries (Protecting personnel from hot or cold surfaces capable of injuring workers. Burn injury )
  • Prevent -Lawsuit (Related to Indirect injury by "slips and fall" if dangerous condition persist _ water on the floor from condensation_ .)
  • Replace 15-30 year old fiberglass pipe insulation ( thermal exposure by years pass purpose of insulation losses on efficiency)
  • Avoid unnecessary expenses ( Energy cost  reduction - Oil , Gas , Coal , Electric , Steam   ...  )
  • Save from 20% - 60% /yearly (Depending on pipeline system length in  Facility)
  • Meet EncinoS Code (Standards and the Building Code of USA)


Insulating  Pipeline Systems


Energy Efficiency


Perhaps the most important building material in an energy-efficient home is the insulation package. Without a good insulation system, one that includes caulking and sealing of the other energy-efficient components and equipment in the home may not perform as intended. A well-insulated home, particularly one that is insulated with fiber glass, rock wool, or slag wool insulation, is one of the most cost-effective ways of saving energy and reducing heating and cooling bills.



One of the best "quieting" technologies available for a home is fiber glass, rock wool and slag wool insulation. Insulation reduces sound transmission. A comfortable, energy-efficient Space  goes beyond warmth – it includes acoustic comfort as well. Today’s focus on healthier and greener living has owners asking for noise control solutions to maximize working- living  environment.INSTALED FIBERGLASS PIPE INSULATION
Thermal Comfort and Heat Control - PIPE  INSULATION Encino

Fiber glass, rock wool, and slag wool insulations resist the flow of heat both into and out of the home. Heat is a form of energy – it always seeks a cooler area – flowing outward in winter and inward in summer. By reducing heat flow in a properly insulated building, less energy is used to heat and cool the home..

Insulation requirements